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Artist's Statement

For decades, I have worked with individual clients to help them bring the truths about their lives into focus and to use those truths to become more loving and more POWERFUL. I believe the same lens I use in the healing art of counseling can be trained on our culture, in a search for insights that will move human beings toward bold thought and action. I reject the notion that counselors, therapists, life coaches, psychoanalysts and psychiatrists should only listen. I think we have a lot to say, given all we have been privileged to hear. If only, I have thought in lighthearted moments, I could write prescriptions to reflect deeply—the way clients will sit back in my office and wrestle with questions I have asked—then perhaps many people could be coaxed a bit closer to living with passion and purpose.

​PROJECT PRESCRIPTION is my way of harnessing the power of prescription writing and the power of art and media to make people think, make them debate (even with themselves) and bring them closer to their heartfelt beliefs, whether those beliefs be in perfect accord with the prescriptions I have written, or in direct opposition to them.

The prescriptions are written large because they are based on large ideas and ideals. They are ones I am willing to shout. I cannot easily step away from them once they exist, nor, I hope, can those who will come into contact with them.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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