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Dr. Keith Ablow Art

"Rx: Living life with passion and purpose" -Dr. Keith Ablow


I know my profession is a powerful lens that can bring the truth about individual lives into focus and help people see that truth for themselves.

...then perhaps many could be coaxed a bit closer to living with passion and purpose.


Dr. Keith Ablow was a practicing psychiatrist in Boston and Manhattan for 25 years before starting Keith Ablow Creative and The Ablow Center’s Pain-2-Power program. He has been called “America’s Psychiatrist” by Fox News and “One of the Five Greatest Psychiatrists Alive Today” by

“Collectors of Ablow’s work include billionaire stock trader and modern art aficionado Steve Cohen, Guggenheim Capital founder Todd Morley, public relations icon Ronn Torossian and billionaire art collector Doug Meijer.”


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